What You Need to Know Before Joining a Theatre School

Your daughter has started lining her toys up like an audience and is performing little shows for Mr Bear and Topsy Turvy. Your Son says he wants to be Batman when he grows up and runs around in his mask and cape pretending to fight criminals and save the world. Sounds like your child might be ready to join a theatre school….


Where do you start? What do you need to know? How much is it going to cost?


Take some time out to sit and do some research. What schools do your friend’s children attend? What do they think of the school? What is the ethos behind the school? Is it just for fun; is it serious training; or is it a mix of both? What do you want for your child?


Have a browse of the different websites, Facebook pages, Instagram accounts that belong to each school in order to get a feel for the place. Give them a call or an email and see if you can chat to the Principal.


Check out the payment methods and prices. Do they offer reasonable prices? What do you get for that cost? Are there a varied amount of payment options to allow for the parent on a budget. Schools that offer Standing Order payments that spread the cost over the year make it so much easier to budget! What discounts do they offer for benefits or siblings? Is there a discount for new members?


A Theatre School always comes with extras! How many shows does the school do a year? Do they take examinations? Do they have to take examinations? When browsing different schools photos look for the ones that have simple yet effective costumes because you know then that your costume bill will be low compared to the high cost of all sequin and feather costumes.


Make a friend! Whether it’s that you tag a friend and their child along to your trial or whether you make a friend once your child had joined; a friend will come in handy for sharing lifts, borrowing and recycling costumes and you then have someone to go for a coffee with whilst the little legs are in class.


Joining a Theatre School is one of the best things you can do for your child.

They will gain Confidence. So once you’ve done your research and signed up join your child on their journey.


There are probably lots of styles and classes at the school so make the most of what’s on offer. Children love to sing, dance and act. Let them enjoy as much as possible! Most schools will offer a discount for booking more than one class.


Enjoy the ride!


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