Thank You!

Hello Everyone! 

It’s my turn to write the blog this week and I have been struggling to decide what to to write about. After thinking about writing about the classes I teach, the roles I play in managing and my creative mind I decided to simply write my blog as a thank you. A thank you to all the members, all the parents and all the staff that keep Jesters running smoothly.
Jesters started with just 7 pupils just over 2 years ago and has grown to have over 100 members across our classes in Colchester, Chelmsford and Wickford. Jo and I believe in bringing performing arts to people of all ages and ability and without you guys we would have no one to teach! So thank you for joining! Thank you for being inspiring! Thank you for your commitment! We truly believe in Jesters being a family theatre academy and feeling like a company of players; all in it together with the same goals of performing whilst having fun and making friends. 
I recently found out that I am up for Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in the Colchester Business Awards and WOW am I proud. Proud of Jesters. Without the members and the staff I would not be able to act out my vision and continue to build upon the academy. But most of all without Jo I would not have achieved this. Together we make decisions and together we stand. I aways say to her thats its because she holds my hand that I can do this. Jesters would not be without the both of us and without all of you!
So here we go again….THANK YOU!!!

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