Singing Matters

All children are exposed to singing in their early years. Most parents will have sung a lullaby to sooth their child and almost every child can sing "twinkle twinkle" by the time they reach their 3rd or 4th birthday.

Singing is so great and is a brilliant tool to exercise your child's memory muscles and hone their lip and tongue movements. Not to mention the huge effect singing has on encouraging children to express their emotions and sharpen their communication skills.

Encouraging your child to sing and joining them in the act is so good for their well-being and has the same effects as playing, sunshine and laughing!

At Broadway Babies sessions we expose our tots to a wide range of songs from across Musical Theatre and Film. We perform little routines and story led improvisations to tracks linking the song to a feeling with an intention, emotion or skill.

Our tots come to us as young as 4 months (sometimes younger) and move up to our Junior Jesters when they start school.During this time we see them grow both in size and character and it is so special and a privilege to have shared in their musical education which reaches far beyond just music, dancing, acting and singing.


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