I LOVE Mondays!

Just imagine dancing to your favourite songs twice a day and on a Monday!
Well this is my job.
Most people wake up on a monday morning dreading the start of a working week.....Not me.
Once I have dropped my children off to school. I am sorting out what songs im going to use in my Broadway Babies class for Jesters and let me tell you it is difficult to choose, as I love all the songs.
Some new and some that remind me of when I was a child.
So for the next 45minuites we do simple routines, wear sparkly hats, shake the pom poms and dance with our colourful ribbons. *Magical*
Its lovely to see the children grow in confidence week by week when they start to remember the routines.
Then I wait till monday, to do it all over again.
Debs. X

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