First things first... I am the newbie in this family so I need to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed my first month or so with Jesters and thank you for welcoming me so amazingly. I really, truly look forward to the future of Jesters and what it has to offer.

And now onto my blog...

Some people have asked what I do and the simple answer is I teach children performing arts. However, I like to think of it as sharing my passion with others and this I truly believe is why I adore doing what I do. (Corny I know but it's 100% true!!)

Every week I look forward to my classes whether it be Junior Jesters, Showchoir or Youth Theatre; whether it be a children 3-5 years old or a choir of mature students, this job really allows me to let my inner child out and get my imagination going! 

After teaching every week I feel a great sense of achievement. A tiny part of this is the success of teaching a class but the biggest burst comes from watching what I've planned, created and then taught being confidently expressed or performed. 

Any teacher at Jesters will agree with me when I say THE biggest reward for any teacher is to see their students enjoy what they're doing, grow in confidence class by class and seeing their endless talent shine! 

To be honest although my blog is focused on Jesters, it is also to tell anyone with a passion for something to go for it! Do what you love doing because believe me it feels amazing! 

Lizzie xoxox

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