Everyone Can Perform!

As tutors at Jesters it is our job and hope to have a far-ranging influence on our pupils. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the influence of a couple of very special teachers that taught me during my youth.


As well as nurturing and pushing the already confident students we have to be the very best that they can be; we also look out for the shy child. The child that stands at the back of the class and doesn’t put themselves forward for tasks, we give them the opportunity to take centre-stage. We strive to give those children a sense of self-worth and access to an imaginative life.


With dance and drama having less and less importance in the school setting it is pressing that we should go beyond the odds to provide opportunities for children to explore their creativity and skillset. We offer a lifeline to those children whose talents are not with academics but whose talents lay in other areas.


So many children that we teach at Jesters say things like “Jesters is my second family”, “getting that part in that play makes my life worth living” and that they feel valued and cherished at our school.


This makes us proud to have achieved what we set out to achieve. To give the opportunity to perform to EVERY child that wants it. 

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