A Day in the Life of Admin

Hello, I’m Admin and I’ll be taking over the blog this week. 


Ok, my actual name is not really Admin (I mean, that’s not what it says on my birth certificate), but when it comes to Jesters, that is my name. I have been called variations of this name in all the JTA classes (favourites being Adders &Ad), to the point when I’m socialising with friends who are also in Showchoir,they have been known to yell “Admin” across a crowded bar or restaurant! Something I am incredibly proud of and embrace. 


I’m the person that does all the geeky organised stuff like organising the database (nearly 200 names and details!) and the one that’s behind all the emails you get (and the one you get narked off with when I keep going on at you when you don’t reply! I just don’t want you to miss out ;-) ). 


How did I get to become Admin? This is a question you’re all dying to know, obviously! Did I wake up one morning with a pull deep within me, destined to know I’d organise and administrate the world? No, actually. It is a well-documented fact that I am a geek. Give me a database and a good spreadsheet and I’ll be happy. Give me something to organise and you’ll keep me busy for hours! Think Sheldon Cooper in the Big Bang Theory when he organises Howard’s closet! Annie and Jo approached me in the Summer of 2013, when I left my full time teaching role in the search of part time teaching that would give me more time to focus on Music. “Now that you have more time, would you like to be our Administrator?” was basically how the conversation went. “Me, organise? Absolutely!!” as you can tell, I was hesitant!


Now it has been just over a year since I first became known as “Admin” and I must say I’ve never looked back! A typical day could range from organising new member packs, replying to and sending emails and publicising classes; to visiting the different classes at JTA, and on occasion covering these classes. I love meeting members (especially parents) who have only known me by emails and hearing the “Oh, so you’re Admin!” almost as much as I love joining in and having fun with the classes. Favourite moments have included dancing about with ribbons to Let It Go in Broadway Babies (I think I may have enjoyed this one even more than the children!) and playing drama games with the Youth Theatre, watching Jo pretend to be me was quite hysterical! 


Another part of my role as Admin is organising the termly invoices and the staff calendar. This is no mean feat, as with 4 differenttutors, all with different classes and outside commitments. My calendar can sometimes look like an explosion of colour; noting who is teaching which class, who’s unavailable and who’s covering! I also need to be up to date on any changes to classes, gigs etc. as I often get members asking what’s happening and what they need to prepare. This is especially true near and on show day, where my Admin mode goes into overdrive!


The other place I am always found, is at Showchoir. Be it the Chelmsford or Colchester group, I am loathed to miss a rehearsal one,because I don’t want anyone messing my Admin lyric folder ;-); and two becauseI absolutely love these wonderfully crazy people. Jesters and Showchoir are like a second family and 98% of rehearsals have at least one point where we have descended into hysterical giggles. 


Being a part of the Jesters family has definitely changed my life for the better and I absolutely love being Admin (even if some new members don’t know my real name ;-))!I wouldn’t swap this life for the world! 


Admin, signing off :-D

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